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  • The Farm at Eastman's Corner

    Check Out Our Spring Harvest E-Cookbook

    Thank you to our sponsor the Farm at Eastman’s Corner in Kensington! This year-round farm store sells seasonal produce, breads, cheeses, milk, wine, craft beer, coffees, teas, jams, sauces, honey and unique prepared meals made from local ingredients. The folks at Eastman’s are committed to strengthening our community through education, inspiration and nourishment. We are grateful for support from our sponsors, partners and participants over the last two years to help grow good health in our community!

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  • Our Wellness Programs Get Results!

    Check Out Our Spring Harvest E-Cookbook

    Here is what some past participants are saying about our wellness programs!
    “I can’t thank you enough for this challenge!! While I have not been perfect, the foods that I have eaten we’re all on the list (except a couple) and I have more energy than I ever remember!! I have also lost over 10 pounds and with my gym routine, have lost inches as well. I also have had a green juice drink every day for months but have really felt the difference with the right foods in my diet. I will continue with this life style of nourishing my body! Thanks again!”

    “I feel a sense of renewal and passion to take on life’s journey, with tools to restore and harmonize my body and mind. My body has never felt so fit and alive! I have planted seeds that will continue to nourish myself and family.”

    “Approaching 45, I wanted to stop looking at my relationship with food as a problem and instead it as something to celebrate. The Challenge helped me to recalibrate my eating habits and shift my cravings, and I feel energized and stronger as a result. Making healthy choices about what I eat and how I cook for my family is empowering, and when I know that my food choices are also earth-friendly and support local growers and small businesses, I feel even better. And, who knew kale and quinoa could taste so good in so many different ways? Thank you for giving me this gift.”

    “The challenge was a great motivator to explore new ways and great recipes to use fresh foods especially greens. The suggestions and hints kept interest high and kept me from falling back in more convenient ways. I felt good and had more sustained energy most days. Losing weight was not a goal as this was not necessary but I did loose enough to have my clothes fit more comfortably.”

    “I never felt deprived or like I was ‘trying’ to lose weight, but was successful in losing 10+ lbs. In the last few days I went on vacation, where I admit to choosing what I thought I wanted to eat. I found myself craving the things that were on menu and shopping list. I also have not had a better night’s sleep (and a month’s worth!) in years–I felt like I did before the onset of menopause.”

    “The Spring Challenge was a fun learning experience. I was able to try some new foods that I have not eaten before. The recipes were great…and the shopping list was excellent! What a time saver!! I would definitely do the Challenge again…everyone should. You don’t know the good foods that you are missing. I loved, I laughed, I ate more whole foods:)”

    “Following the challenge, helps to increase your NATURAL intake of micronutrients which is much better than supplementing. Your body not only feels better but functions better because of the food being in a natural state, your body knows how to use it!”

    “I have lost six pounds and feel great!”

    ” I did want to tell you and Kath how great I thought this program was–seems like I have been looking for just this for years! The daily tips were great, the menus and shopping list, the facebook chat, everything. I’ve shared how great it has been with many friends, and I hope you run it again for their benefit.”

    “This is so beautiful! I am amazed at all of the work you and Kathy have put into this program. The booklets, recipes, exercise days are all so very much appreciated. Thank you for making this not only healthy but fun!”

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