Mission Statement

The Food and Health Forum was conceived as an educational and inspirational community to counter the impact of the Standard American Diet today which is resulting in a disconnect between consumers and the foods they eat.

Through dinner seminars, conferences and workshops, we convene doctors, policy makers, farmers, CEOs, citizens and other visionaries who are revolutionizing our food system from the ground up to provide opportunities to reestablish the link between what we eat, where our food comes from, and how it affects our health.

Our Mission

The Food and Health Forum is about change through:

Education: learn about the industrialization of food and how our food is grown, processed, packaged and politicized along with the latest health research.

Demonstration: learn new culinary skills along with quick and easy meals that are nurturing for the body and the Earth and that replace "fast food" with "slow food."

Participation: become more empowered as you share and learn to make better choices for yourself, your family, your communities and the environment.

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